Eric Skillman is a Brooklyn-based designer, art director, and writer, best known for his work with The Criterion Collection, where he has been firmly ensconced since 2002.

Awards: AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers, Society of Illustrators; Communication Arts, Print Regional Design Annual, Eisner

Juries: American Illustration 34, Illustrators 56

Speaking: ICON: The Illustration Conference, AI-AP's Big Talk, New York Comic Con, Miami Book Fair International, Philbrook Museum of Art

Writing: Criterion Designs, Liar's Kiss (with Jhomar Soriano), EGG: Hard-Boiled Stories

Interviews: AI-AP, Eye on Design, Boing Boing, Subtraction, The Arts Desk, MTV Geek

design [at] ericskillman [dot] com